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Prophylaxis Regular check-ups pay off – for your health and in your bonus booklet

Brushing your teeth is most important. However, a tooth brush may not reach smaller spaces, e.g. between teeth.

A dental prophylaxis is a regular cleaning procedure at your dental office in order to thoroughly clean the teeth and thereby prevent or defer the progression of periodontal disease or cavities. Therefore, we have a specially trained Dental Hygienist who performs this treatment in our office.


Professional teeth cleaning (PTC)
Benefits of a PTC:

In unsere Zahnarztpraxis wird Prophylaxe gelehrt.

What happens at a professional teeth cleaning?

In order to offer you best service, we have a specially trained Dental Hygienist who performs this treatment in our office.

A professional dental cleaning includes

In addition, the application of soft salt crystal irradiation removes external stains and deposits and thereby complete the pretreatment.


At the end of the cleaning process a final hardening of the polished enamel is performed by fluoridation of the cleaned tooth surfaces.

The right nutrition: an important part of prevention

In order to prevent caries and periodontal disease not only proper dental care is important but the proper nutrition plays a fundamental role. Therefore, refrain from sugary foods and drinks and it is advised to enjoy rather 3-4 meals per day instead of numerous smaller snacks and drinks throughout the day.

As part of a professional dental cleaning, we also offer insights on a healthy diet and valuable details on all aspects of proper nutrition.

Ein Kind beißt mit gesunden Zähnen herzhaft in einen Apfel.

How often should a professional teeth cleaning / prophylaxis be performed?

You can make an appointment for a consultation or a professional teeth cleaning here