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BleachingWhite teeth for a radiant smile

Why whiten your teeth?

Bright white teeth were and still are a symbol of beauty, vitality, success and health. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for discolored teeth. Basically, the teeth can become discolored due to external and internal causes (e.g. coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine or systemic diseases).

These discolorations cannot be removed by brushing alone. With the help of a professional dental bleaching a natural whiteness of your teeth can be brought back.
Either a single tooth or multiple teeth can be bleached. None of these bleaching process results in damage to the teeth. The effect usually lasts for two years and can always be refreshed.

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How does teeth bleaching work?

After a professional dental cleaning, a gel is applied to the teeth. Depending on the desired brightness, the procedure can be repeated.

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A radiant smile … in just one hour!