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Dental ImplantsNew teeth by artificial tooth roots

Dental implants – a good investment in your health

Dental Implants are the perfect alternative to dentures. They are artificial tooth roots which are surgically inserted into the jaw bone and therefore act as permanent teeth replacements and offer the same functional and visual benefits as real teeth.

We only use titanium implants, since this material is non-allergenic and is easily accepted by the body. The implant usually grows in the bone without problems and serves as an anchor for crowns, bridges or removable dentures.

Das Bild zeigt einen Kiefer mit einem in dem mit Implantologie ein Implantat gesetzt wurde


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How is the course of the treatment?

1. Appointment:

The first step is a detailed examination including X-ray diagnosis, determination of implant position and a detailed prosthetic planning. For this purpose, it may be possible that two treatment appointments are required. In those appointments all questions are answered and where you will be informed about treatment alternatives, as well as time and expenses.

2. Appointment:

You have decided to continue the treatment. In this stage the artificial tooth root is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Usually, this is done under local anesthesia. The implant is implanted in the jaw and the gum is closed over it. After the procedure the tooth and bone need several months ( six months in the upper jaw, about 3 months in the lower jaw) of healing, in which you wear a temporary prosthesis.

3. Appointment:

After the implants have healed, your new teeth are custom-made and fixed on the implant.

How long do my dental implants last?

Modern implantology has long-term studies showing that patients can use their implants more than 25 years.

The long-term success significantly depends on four factors:

Just like your „real” teeth the implants need comprehensive care and a thorough personal oral hygiene to last a lifetime and to be beautiful and healthy.

Here are valuable insights on how to ensure beautiful and healthy teeth. Click here for: Individual prophylaxis.