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CerecTooth-colored ceramic crowns – fast, metal-free and no impression

CEREC is an abbreviation for Ceramic Reconstruction. The system was developed in 1985 and has been used ever since in clinics and dental offices. With CEREC it is possible to create aesthetically especially appealing all-ceramic fillings and crowns in a single treatment session.

The CEREC system consists of a recording and a grinding unit. The polished tooth is scanned with a special measuring camera (without physical contact). The image of the tooth appears on the screen of the receiving unit (a mobile PC). The dentist can now edit the form and design of the inlay or crown on the screen. A ceramic block is chosen according to the exact size and color of the patient’s tooth. Then the data is transmitted to the grinding device. The grinder precisely cuts out the constructed restoration from the ceramic block. Within 10 to 20 minutes, the grinding operation is finished and the ceramic filling can be inserted. For that a special adhesive technology is used.

Within a short time the tooth is supplied with a beautiful restoration which hardly distinguishes from the natural tooth.

Eine Aufstellung der CEREC Produkte

Which teeth can be treated with the CEREC method?

Almost every tooth which requires a filling, a veneer or a crown can be supplied with CEREC. It is even possible to fill smaller tooth gaps can if an implant has been used previously.

Die alte Goldkrone welche durch eine neue Cerec Korne ersetzt werden soll Die neue Krone von Cerec fügt sich optimal in das Gebiss ein

Benefits for the Patient

It is possible to offer a completely metal-free restoration. In addition, it is possible to offer a aesthetically especially appealing and unobtrusive all-ceramic fillings and crowns in a single treatment session. Most importantly, Scientific studies show that restorations using the CEREC system to last especially long. After about 13 years, almost 90% of supplies are still intact.

CEREC – no impression necessary

Most patients do not like impressions. With CEREC a treatment without the necessity of an impression is possible: The regular impression is substituted by pictures with the special 3-D camera. This only take a few minutes. Based on those pictures, the dentist can create the filling or crown.

ProProduction - The grinding process: ​

The milling machine grinds the designed restoration in around 20 minutes with a precision that is in no way inferior to a conventionally manufactured crown. The finished crown or inlay is inserted using a special adhesive technique. Within a short time, the tooth receives an impressively beautiful restoration – which can hardly be distinguished from the natural tooth. In addition to inlays and crowns, so-called veneers can also be manufactured with Cerec.

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